Expand Your Real Estate Classes

It’s time to think outside of the box! Expand your real estate classes outside of the basic courses. Ever thought about offering real estate technology courses? The real estate technology industry is expanding and changing daily. By offering real estate technology courses in addition to your core courses agents that attend your real estate school will have an advantage that agents who have attended other schools won’t have.


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Cloud Computing and Real Estate Education

Cloud computing is all around and is now an accepted tool for many educational facilities. Before we know if cloud computing will be making its way into real estate education. This is great news for real estate educators.

Many educational facilities are making good use of the cloud for a myriad of different tasks. Here are a few ways you can utilize cloud computing at your real estate school.


-Storage: Course materials, documents and student information.

-Learning Management Systems

-Internal Social Networks

For those that are concerned about security, the newer generations of cloud computing services security policies and measures are becoming more and more efficient and effective.

If you’re a real estate educator we’d love to hear about how you’re utilizing cloud computing!

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Tips for Teaching Real Estate Remotely

Teaching a real estate course remotely or providing online real estate courses requires slightly more preparation than does the traditional real estate school classroom.

  • Use an email tool that will allow you to email all of your students at once.
  • Set up a database that contains a list of your current students and their contact information.
  • Make sure you’ve set-up a Skype account or Google+ Profile so that you’re easily accessible to you students.
  • Utilize an assignment tool that will allow students to submit assignments for review.

The list above is just a short list. However there is a software out there that can handle all of this and more. Take a look at Roundabout Software, it’s an easy to use and affordable learning management software for real estate educators.

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Benefits of Making Your Real Estate Courses Available Online!

Many real estate schools still don’t offer online courses. Some would like to but don’t know where to begin.
Using an learning management software is the best way to go and has tons of benefits! Here are a few:

  • Students can register online through your website.
  • You can deliver training and information online.
  • Track course attendance.
  • Administer tests and quizzes online.

Those are just a few of the benefits of having your real estate courses available online. There are quite a few learning management software programs on the market. But, there is one that was build specifically for real estate educators, Roundabout Software click here to view the website.

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Stop Boring Your Real Estate Students!

Stop boring your real estate students with boring Power Point presentations! We discovered an awesome app called VideoScribe. VideoScribe allows you to create amazing instructional talks that keep your students engaged!

Take a look at how easy it is!


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Real Estate Education Without Limits

While the majority of real estate education varies based on location and markets. There is still quite a bit of basic/universal information that could be shared.

It seems that there are new websites popping up all over the place that are offering free higher education courses. Coursera, Khan Academy and creativeLIVE to name a few.

Do you think it’s some someone does the same for real estate education basics?

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Online Education Webinar

Here is a link to an upcoming webinar: “Distance Learning Pioneers Map Out Their Methods”

This webinar is directed towards K-12 educators. However, we think there will be useful information that can be applied to Distance Real Estate Education.

Click here to sign up! Let us know what you think!

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Reaching Your Real Estate Students with Video!

We came across this product on Twitter and decided to check it out. Go!Aminmate is an animated video creation site and a brilliant idea! You can sign-up and make a video, fast. If you’re hiring a film crew and talent and editor it could take several weeks or more and cost thousands of dollars. It appears that with Go!Animate you can have a live video to share with your real estate students in just a few hours without having to spend the time and money hiring a team.

This is a great way to put a video together for you real estate students about upcoming real estate education classes or even a video lesson plan!

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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Getting Your Real Estate School Online Isn’t Difficult

With today’s technology if you’re a real estate school owner and aren’t offering online classes you’re running the risk of losing potential students. We’ve found an easy and seamless way to manage your real estate school and put your classes online.

Take a look at RoundAbout Software. It’s an affordable, easy solution for getting your school online!

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An App For Your Real Estate School

Smartphone and tablet usage accounted for more than 20% of the US internet use in 2012. With new tablets, smartphones and technologies being released every day the percentage will continue to climb. In the past we’ve discussed the importance of offering your real estate classes online. What we haven’t addressed is the importance of having a website that is mobileĀ  responsive or the possibility of having an iPhone and Android app for your school.

Universities across the Country now offer app to their students.

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